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  • Afnan
  • Baiq Ainil Hawa Ismawi
  • Ita Isnaini
  • Nur Hafidah Perdana
  • Putrianingsih
  • Zenita Zarhadiyani

Editor :

  • Jaelani, M.App.Ling
  • Najamudin, M.Pd


  • Afnan

desain cover:

  • Afnan

Dimensi dan Jumlah Halaman:

  • 15 x 23 (171 hlm)
  • Tahun Perencanaan Terbit: 2023

Along with the rapid development of time, the times have changed, from classical to modern times filled with advances, one of which is the development of technology. This technological development has a huge impact on all of us, for example, everyone can carry one small object that contains the world. Why is that, it is because the development of this era of globalization is so rapid. With the world in everyone’s grasp, it indicates that the object can connect between one country and another and of course the people in it, therefore we need to learn a language which this language is nicknamed the world language.
This world language is often used because with this language all countries can communicate smoothly. This world or international language is English. Why English, why not other countries’ languages? This question may often be with us among the community. One of the reasons English is made an international language is because of colonialism, England is a European country known to have the largest colonies. Hopefully with the existence of reasons like this might be able to answer our questions.

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