Pedagogical Discussion in Multicultural Contexts

Penulis :

  • Afif Ikhwanul Muslimin, M.Pd.

Editor :

  • Jumrah, M.Pd.

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  • Tim FTK

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  • Sanabil Creative

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  • 15,5 x 23 cm (171 hlm)
  • Tahun terbit : 2020


  • 978-623-317-008-6

Language is mean of communication which play very important rule in human life. Language becomes bridge of ideas in mind of the interlocuter to be sent and understood by the hearer. Language transmits information and state of the art not only as the statement but also another forms of language product such as instruction, comment, complain, rejection, and many more. However, each language product depicts certain characteristics of language which are produced. Hence, the form of the language becomes the essential thing to consider by language users.
The attempt to understand the form of language has appeared to be in state by the linguist to seek for the pattern. Consequently, in the mid of nineteenth century, the term morphology appeared as one of discipline in linguistics which was previously well-known as subject in biology. Then, the linguists describe morphology is as the study of human language formation. This branch of linguistics gives the whole overview of how languages in different area and culture develop the form of language and its units to convey meaningful language. Many unique characteristics on the way different language are formed to deliver similar idea becomes the interesting part to discuss language from morphology point of view. Furthermore, this textbook has been developed to mingle the reader and academician to comprehend the language formation from the scientific point of view by considering multicultural in different area context.

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