Let’s Study English


  • Baiq Ayu Prawita Dewi
  • M. Uznul azhari
  • Rian saputra
  • Eka Apriani
  • Muna wangi Soleha
  • Ahmad hafiz Wandi

Editor :

  • Jaelani, M.App.Ling


  • Baiq ayu prawita dewi

desain cover:

  • Ahmad hafiz wandi

Dimensi dan Jumlah Halaman:

  • 18 x 26 (171 hlm)
  • Tahun Perencanaan Terbit: 2023

Welcome to the captivating realm of the English language! Learning a new language is an exciting voyage, and we’re delighted to commence this journey with you. This textbook serves as your ticket to exploring English in an engaging and enjoyable manner.
Remember, making errors is an integral part of the learning process, so don’t hesitate to practice and speak English even if you’re not flawless. Together, we will learn, practice, and enhance our skills. Your dedication and inquisitiveness will be your greatest assets as we embark on this linguistic adventure.
As you progress through this book, our hope is that you not only enhance your English proficiency but also cultivate a lifelong passion for learning and exploring new horizons. English is more than just a subject; it’s a key that can unlock a world of opportunities for you.
So, dear young learners, let’s commence this journey together. Let’s study English with eagerness, curiosity, and a sense of awe. We have faith in your potential and eagerly anticipate watching you evolve into confident English speakers.

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