Reading Learning Theory

Penulis :

  • Dr. Hj. Nurul Lailatul Khusniyah, M.Pd

Editor :

  • Dr. Yek Amin Aziz. M.Pd

Layout :

  • Sanabil Creative

Desain Cover :

  • Tim FTK Creative

Dimensi dan Jumlah Halaman :

  • 15 x 23 cm (241 hlm)
  • Tahun terbit : 2019


  • 978-623-7090-65-6

Reading is one of the English skills that have different levels of difficulty with other language skills. It is a highly complex process and therefore it may not be surprising. Reading is a person’s process in understanding the meaning of a text. In the process of reading requires a combination of complex activities such as understanding the meaning of vocabulary, phonemic, and sentences. Reading requires information support both visually and not. So, students learn to read well in order to understand the meaning of the text.
Reading is not only needed for the learning process in the classroom, but reading skills and understanding of the meaning of the text become an important element for everyone’s life. Therefore, the process of learning to read is beneficial to daily life which can be used to solve problems or work. Therefore, this book presents theoretical concepts that can provide a deeper understanding of the core theory of reading or reading comprehension. In addition, this book also provides information on reading models that can be used in everyday life. The role of technology has also made it easier for every student to learn to read quickly and understand the meaning of the contents of the reading.

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