Research on English Reading and Speaking-Strategies and Media


  • Bunga Septiani,
  • Maulia Jiana Anindita,
  • Resti Juliastari,
  • Roy Darmawan,
  • Eka Hermansyah,
  • Sahabi Alif Suhartami


  • Dr. Jumarim, M.HI

Dimensi dan Jumlah Halaman:

  • 15,5 x 23 cm (215 hlm)
  • ISBN : 978-623-317-380-3
  • Tahun Terbit : 2022

A Language is a tool for communication that is very crucial for a human being to interact with other people. Learning a language starts from the first time we learn how to talk, how to pronounce word by word, and how to produce a sentence, or it is called a mother tongue. Nowadays, learning English as a foreign language at school is very important. For example, when we enroll in school, we have to pass the English exam to go to the next class or grade of school. Richard and Rodgers in their book entitled Approach and Methods in Language Teaching Description and Analysis stated that English is studied most as a foreign language worldwide nowadays. It means that we have to learn English even though it is not easy to understand.

By seeing these problems, this book attempts to investigate what strategy the teacher used to ensure the learning process goes on to create an effective and interesting study activity as well as enjoyable learning for the students. Furthermore, it is also interesting to find the challenges during teaching online.
In a normal situation, the teachers directly do the explanation or face-to-face mode class. Teacher and student can do the interaction. Once the teacher delivers the materials, the student will give the responses. The student may ask directly to their teacher if there is anything unclear related to the lesson. Students can see and show how the language is produced directly.

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