Your Daily Vocabulary


  • Nurul Fadila Trijuniati
  • Nisa Aulia
  • Irmayana Sari
  • Anisa Rizkia
  • Cahyati
  • Sila Nurul Hakiki
  • Rifki Imami
  • M. Veri Fadli

Editor :

  • Jaelani, M.App.Ling


  • Nurul Fadila Trijuniati

desain cover:

  • Nurul Fadila Trijuniati

Dimensi dan Jumlah Halaman:

  • 17 x 25 cm (188 hlm)
  • Tahun Perencanaan Terbit: 2023

The aim of book that we compiled is a study guide for elementary school students, especially in grade four. This book can also be used as a study guide for students who want to learn English from the basic. In the book contains teaching materials that suit the needs of students because it is provide with the pictures and daily vocabularies. This book will facilitate students in learning English because the contents contain vocabulary that is easy to understand and contain illustrated that can attract students’ attention. Cheers!

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